Comparing EVs and ICEVs – What’s are the Core Differences?

Difference between EVs and ICEVs

Cars used to be all about how much horsepower they have under their hoods and how much torque their engines produce. Everybody wanted to be fast and furious. But, the same cannot be said in 2021. People are exploring greener solutions to everything, cars included. Affording gas is one problem, not having enough resources to Read More

Will Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles Ever Take Over EVs or Gas Cars?

Hydrogen-Fueled Vs EVs or Gas Vehicles

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are similar to gas-fueled counterparts. They both use the same four-stroke design, ignition, and compression technology. However, there are also pretty big differences too. James Morris on Forbes reveals that due to high carbon emissions, many traditional automakers will turn to hydrogen technology as a viable solution in the near future. Even though hydrogen is Read More

Autonomous Vehicles—A Blessing or a Curse?

Autonomous Vehicles

The future is here with self-driving cars that eliminate all driving hassles. Gone are the days when people used their hands to drive to another destination. Robotic cars take charge of steering wheels, driverless vehicles are being tested every day in Europe and America to shape the future of driving.  The latest self-driving car statistics show that Read More

6 Ways You Can Drive a Car Without Buying One

Drive a Car Without Buying One

Buying a car for each member in the house is not realistic. Even when you can, it only adds to your yearly taxes and gas expenses.  Clearly, purchasing a car is not the only way to drive one yourself. There are several other ways, out of which we will discuss at least six in today’s Read More

Car Warranty—Do You Need an Extended One?

Extended Car Warranty

Every product needs to offer some kind of warranty period to instill trust in its customer’s mind. Cars are not any different. Older ones came with one. While the latest cars will have some kind of warranty for them as well. But what makes a car warranty good enough? To figure out everything about such Read More

Things Will Never Be the Same for the Auto Industry in 2021

Huge Changes in Auto Industry

Anything can happen in the future. Especially, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic happened, nothing can be said for sure. However, it’s not totally impossible to predict the future of the auto industry. After a recent study, done by the Coax Automotive team, a total of six predictions were offered to the automotive industry for the year Read More