There are many things that you have to consider if you want to get out of a car lease early. You have to be careful, and if you are not, you could suffer a lot of monetary damage. Here are some of the best options for you.

Things can get rough sometimes. Businesses suffer loss.  They are currently in a poor state because of COVID-19. All businesses, both big and small, along with industries, are suffering. And when businesses are tight, making the monthly payments of car lease seems like an expense you can surely do without. Getting out of car deals is not easy or cheap.

Millions of Americans are out of work nowadays. Among the 274 million registered vehicles in the U.S., a third of them are leased with average payments of $450 that last about 36 months. Car lease swap and transfer platforms report that 66% want to get rid of their leases due to financial restraints.

Here are some of the safe ways that won’t cost you much if you are planning to get out of a car lease:

Get yourself a less expensive lease

Sometimes, dealers are willing to let go of the last six months of your lease payments if you have leased a new car. This could assist you in trading your current payments for lower monthly installments. For example, Volvo forgives the last 6 to 9 months of lease payments when someone leases a new Volvo.

Sell your vehicle back to the Dealer

Leasing helps you with financing your car. And it works the same way as a loan where you have to make monthly payments over a particular period. And when the period ends, the driver buys the car for its residual value or drops it off to the auto dealer.

Sometimes, the dealer might be successful in reselling your leased car as used even before the completion of its lease. Since the dealers want to make a profit, they are not going to offer you the full current value of the car. This could leave you managing extra cash so you can exit your lease. For example, you have 2 years left on your lease, and you have to pay $450/month. So, your car’s worth at the end of the lease – the residual value is going to be $16,000.

This makes your car’s current value about $27,000 that includes all the remaining lease payments as well as the car’s future residual value. So, a dealership could make you an offer of $24,500 that means you can get rid of the vehicle but need $2,500 to meet your full financial commitment to close the deal.

Find someone to take over your car lease

Many automotive leases can be assumed. Anyone who qualifies to buy a lease can take over your car lease and make payments. You must need a credit score of 600s or more to assume someone’s car lease. Numerous platforms exist that help in connecting both the buyer and seller of the car lease.

If you are still making payments, there are different places where you can list a lease for sale. QuitALease being the most popular. Buyers who want to have a car and pay for a shorter term can benefit from such platforms that let people swap or take over someone’s car lease.

The person interested in buying the car lease has to apply to the leasing company. Both of the parties are required to sign the paperwork that indicates that an agreement has been met. Most of the time, customers who assume car leases want it to be short-term. Mostly, no money exchanges hand in such lease transfers.

Try to sell the car yourself

Some companies make you cash offers for leased cars. And as they look to make a profit, they will pay you less than what you owe. You can be successful in reaching your payout amount by selling your car to a private buyer.  There are plenty of places on the Internet that can help you with it.

So, no matter where you sell your car, you would find it much easier to get a price that makes it easier for you to pay off your lease if you are in the last six months or last year of the lease. A new car can lose 25% of its value as soon as it drives out of the dealership. So, in the initial months of the lease, you will owe 90% or more of the car’s original value when you use a car that could be resold for 75% of what it was worth before you bought it. As you make payments, the cost of your lease will come down. When there is a year or six months left of the lease, the cost of paying off the commitment is almost the car’s market value if you get a good price when you attempt to sell it.