For decades, the leasing industry charged hefty termination fee to its clients; then came lease swapping which allowed lessees to pass on their lease to someone and avoid the exit fee. But soon enough, market leaders evolved and asked for a premium cut for every lease swapping deal that they matured, thus eventually, making lessees no better off.

But if you are reading through this and if you want to quit your car lease without paying a big cut for lease termination or middleman fee? Then let us assure you that you are in the right place. Whether you want to take over or transfer a car lease, you can do it timely and effectively with QuitALease. It’s not just easy to use QuitALease but also free. So hurry up and enjoy the benefit of transferring your lease at no extra cost.

What is is an online portal where potential lease buyers are matched with the lease sellers. Most car leases are transferable, so users who don’t want to keep a lease till its maturity can transfer it to those who are willing to take it.

To better understand how works, we would highly suggest you visit our super-interactive “How It Works” Page.

What is Lease Transfer/takeover/swapping?

An auto lease is a binding contract during which the lessee (the one who takes a lease) agrees to pay the lesser (the one who provides the car lease) predetermined payments in return for using the car. There are different types of car leases that are available in the US:

  • Used Car Leases
  • Short-term car lease
  • Long-term car lease
  • Lease assumption

All these types of an auto lease could then have further subtypes like closed-end, open-end, sub-invented, single-payment, and “option-to-buy”. One thing that’s similar with all of them is that they are a type of lease, involving periodic payments.

Why would someone transfer their auto lease?

There are many reasons people are ready to transfer their lease to another person: Moving out, upgrading to a better vehicle, terminating a lease to buy a car, etc. But what comes as a major advantage is how transferring a lease to someone else saves the trouble and hefty fine of lease termination.

Lease Sellers are usually able to transfer their car lease to someone else at a much lesser cost than terminating it. 

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Why would someone take over/assume a lease?

Taking over a lease has its benefits. Through right negotiation, it’s possible for Lease Buyers to save on the upfront payment that they may have to pay by getting a new car lease. However, the biggest advantage comes when the new lessee enjoys the benefits of a long-term lease within a shorter tenure.

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We are here to make a difference!

QuitALease isn’t just another lease swapping platform—we bet you that! We want to make a difference in the leasing industry and we are starting off by providing all of our services for free. So post an ad or contact a lease seller without having to pay a dime. Even more fascinating is that you get all the premium services at no cost.

What do we offer?

QuitALease is a platform for both lease buyers and sellers. A potential lease buyer can simply land on our site and start searching for auto lease deals to take over or a lease buyer can post an ad for free and transfer their lease without having to give anyone a cut.

We have made it easy for you

At, you can search for city-specific ads so you don’t spend your time looking through each one of them. This way, you can avoid the hassle of luring yourself with an auto lease that may not be transferable to another city.

For now, we city-specific listing for our top 10 cities that include Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Baltimore. We will keep updating our city listings as we grow.

Easy to use for both buyers and sellers

If you are a lease seller, you won’t be lost within the complexity of going through listings; just visit our lease transfer page and you are all set to post your free ad with us. And just like that, the potential lease buyers can jump right into the listings without having to discover the entire website.

Search listings using 14 different filter options

It’s easy refining car listings with, which allows you to find a vehicle that you are looking in time. You can filter every ad according to make, model, zip code, per month price, allowed mileage, assembly, interior, exterior, fuel type, fuel efficiency, total mileage, and transmission. You can also sort the listings according to date or number of views.

Quick Car Details look up

For every car listing, you can instantly check its details like exterior color, interior color, mileage per month, allowed mileage, total mileage, condition (used or new), fuel type, body type, etc.

Find all popular automakers on QuitALease

Whether you are looking for a popular or unpopular automaker, we have got it covered. From Maserati, Ferrari, and Audi to Mazda, Subaru, and Daihatsu and every other maker in between, you will find it on QuitALease—which means, better and more options when you quit a lease with

FAQs for all your queries

If you aren’t certain about any part of the lease transfer/takeover process and need answers, head on to our FAQs page and we certainly hope that you will be able to help yourself. If not, you can always email us at

We are excited to announce that we are now live and totally ramped up to be the no. 1 auto lease swapping site in the US. So join us and be part of our revolutionary lease swapping platform.


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